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Stirring the pot

The vastness of human consciousness is constantly in motion. Like a boiling cauldron that is bringing to the surface all parts of us that we have disowned. This is a time of transparency and all that we have hidden will come to the forefront to be reckoned.

As we churn and boil with our angers, frustration, resentments and spew over our lives and antagonize those of others, all this is added to our consciousness and is filtered up to the surface. The only way to elevate our consciousness to the next level of ascension is to be transparent and own what we hide. ” Air out the laundry” as they say, but not to the public but even privately to ourselves. if we do not then it is aired to the public.

As we clearly see in the news and in social media that the political and celebrity scenes are all being taken down systematically and being forced to reveal its other side of darkness. Media whether social or otherwise has become a blunt instrument of stirring the consciousness pot. We are inextricably interlinked with our planet and so our consciousness is also linked to that of the planet’s consciousness. When we have created enough of an energetic charge we cumulatively effect nature’s delicate balance and bring about the weather disasters that we so fear. Those storms are the reflections of our own fearful consciousness.

Like foaming froth that rises to the surfaces, or when the unwanted ingredients of a soup are churned and are removed off the surface with a ladle, the same occurs for our dark layers of consciousness that sees the light of day. Once owned and accepted it dissolves as it comes to the top and vanishes. This is not a bad thing. This is how we evolve to the next level as a species and a civilization.

Never fear your fear. Embrace it. Own it. Let it go.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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