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Lessons of nature

In silent meditation I watched this beautiful plant as it embraced the morning light. It welcomed it with open arms, nourishing itself with the light into every cell. Allowing the light to penetrate its skin and provide the sustenance. I asked for understanding. I was entranced and totally captivated. It had a mysterious hold on me. “Look not away and listen to what I have to say ” it seemed to say. So I did.

The wisdom that it imparted was powerfully intense. I saw and I heard. Each cell of nature was doing exactly what it is meant to do in its natural blueprint. Seek out the light and grow. I choose do the same. Every part of it is living as its true authentic self. Having an organic experience.

Each day open my heart and connect the light within. Allow that light to connect to the wisdom of the divine light and let it permeate through all my cells. Connect my light to every one and everything around me. This is what nature does. Without question. This is its birthright and innate divine will. I am part of nature. SO too shall I do the same. The plant has no doubt of its presence or its responsibility nor does it question why it is here. It follows its divine mandate of thriving, growing and flourishing.

Divine mandate. Feel this within your cells. Feel it connect to everything in the universe that follows its natural law of experience.

This was the imparted wisdom of the light this morning.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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