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Interesting conversations

Interesting story.

My 7.6y old recently wanted to go into his gym early to “play” with the other kids before the start of class. Usually I have no problem with that, however I discovered through innocent conversation that some of the same age group boys were playing with their ipads and watching scary video games. Now let us be clear, we all have played video games and watched things that are scary. But here is the thing, each of these kids are frightened by what they are seeing and with no parental supervision, these ipad babysitters take over their experience and with no one to help them process their emotions, it usually remains as deep seated fears. Any how I digress that’s another story.

So I caught on, and I calmly suggested that we would wait till class started. The pleas began and the negotiations began.

Son: ” I don’t actually watch the ipad daddy”

Me: ” Oh, I thought you told me that you and the other boys watch video games”

Son: ” Yes , but I just sit there with the iPad in front of me”

Me: ” And is the screen on?”

Son: ” Well of course it is, but my eyes are shut”

ME: ( shaking my head) All I could think of was Bill clinton and his testimony: I smoked but I didnt inhale !!!

ME: ” The next 15 minutes are a great opportunity for daddy and son snuggle time”

Son: ” Not a bad idea daddy”

As a rule I do not negotiate with little terrorists. !!
I love you

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