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Spirituality is easy

Spirituality is easy.

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Spirituality is anything but easy. We all search for the awesome calm, peaceful happy feelings that spirituality brings. We think that the nirvana experience is the same as those living color poster photographs of people in yogic postures, or in meditation with incense sticks or people sitting singing mantras in a blissful state. This is only a tiny part of the journey. I can assure you that these above practices may be helpful but only in conjunction with a ton of other inner work. This work is not only necessary but paramount to begin on the path of enlightenment.

Firstly it is societal misconception that spirituality is a state of bliss. Allow me to redefine it for you. Spirituality is about balance. Both bliss and chaos must be in balance and therein lies the conundrum we all face to attain the path of our choice. Spirituality is about connecting to oneself and discovering the darkness within. A scary journey for most of us. It requires interrogative questions that demand answers. It is the unveiling of our true identity. Most of these attempts at spirituality are really experienced at the crossroads of our fears when we face traumatic events that can be life altering. It is when we uncover the roadblocks of our minds, beliefs, hearts and lives in all areas do we truly enter the realm of spirituality which affords the possibility of acceptance of ourselves and others and all experiences that we encounter. It is at these crossroads where we choose to rise up or fall down and take different paths, yet remember that each path is a choice. It is when we keep asking questions as to “why things are happening to me ?” We eventually find the answer as ” I am making things happen.”

We understand more about the world not just through the physical senses, but through feelings, emotions,and intuition. The darkness begins when we find the answers and truths where our egoic mind does not want to hear them. The darkness perpetuates as you discover the loneliness that comes from traveling your path alone and the realization that no one understands you. The disconnect cradles the melancholy that emerges in this state. Yet the brave know that on this path through the mists of confusion, incoherence, and abandonment, figures of others who have secured their footing on their own journeys are emerge and join you.

It is in remembering who you are, your identity and the light that you hold and reminding yourself of this repeatedly that you will discover that your life has been about purpose and revealing yourself all along. And you are not alone. Accompanying you are the paths of countless others and moreover the entire universe that supports you every moment of every day. You exist in a web of consciousness and only in the balance lies your spirituality.

Spirituality is about waking up and looking outside on your trip and appreciating the illusion and facing all the challenges that may arise. Spiritually is not about hiding under your yoga mat in a locked room filled with incense. That is the jail that your mind has kept you a prisoner. It is when you stare deeply in acknowledgement, you begin to come out of bondage. Raising your vibrational frequency with love releases you from the mental and karmic holds.

Being stuck in the mud is how I began. I fought it tooth and nail and when I could not budge, I asked the question WHY? That was my point of departure that brought to where I am today. Being true to myself helped me align my harmonics to that of the universe and heal my wounds. All parts of me, light and dark had to be exposed within and owned. The darkness does not harm but guides to the light, as long as I choose for it do so.

Accepting your darkness as equal to your light is spirituality. Following your purpose with full knowledge of your identity is the light that you seek. Remember that you are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. You are as you have always been, a beautiful being of light experiencing life in all its dimensions and aspects regardless of adjectives. It is in seeing this, you have attained the nirvana that you came to this world to find.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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