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The little guy

If you are a Marvel Avengers fan, then you are probably eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second part of the infinity wars. In a nut shell, Thanos, big strong bad guy has exterminated half the universe. What happens next is anxiously awaited by the viewers ( those that are part of the half that still have survived… JOKE ! Which makes Marvels box office revenue drop in half if half the universe is missing) Any hooooo…

The premise is that the big strong villain is depicted as being able to wield extreme power. Yet I have never thought as the big and strong to be able to hold on to power. It is in fact the smaller, quieter reserved person to be able to restore power and maintain it. I am not referring to actual physical size but the traits of the person within. When we are full of pride and arrogance and believe we are better than others we are more likely to come tumbling down as the universe that is in perpetual balance finds a way to humble us.

It is those who have created strong roots and carry the gift of creating long lasting branching connections above and around are the ones able to bring about stability and then wield the power that is offered. Yet as the old adage goes… “absolute power corrupts absolutely”, I for one have not agreed with that concept. The examples of those who are corrupted by power were never meant to hold on to it, and it is not the power that corrupts, yet it is the person who corrupts themselves to restore their own balance, even if it is at their own peril of death.

When we bring back that which is missing to our lives we are able to restore the completeness of the grand picture. ( much like the next episode of infinity wars ).
It is those who are not in the limelight who wield true power. It is those who believe in themselves as part of something greater. It is those who have a vision that is greater than themselves. It is those who create a cause that is larger than their own life. It is those who live an inspired life and choose to discover their own authenticity are the ones who get to live an empowered life.

And in the end isn’t that the point of life?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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