Why do I love Mondays.

They say that your attitude towards your day sets the tone for the day. True. But what about your attitude for the week? It starts from the beginning. Let us pretend it is Monday. In other parts of the world the work week starts on a Saturday ( as I was used to growing up as a kid). When you are grateful for the day, the day goes by smoothly. Greater opportunities show up, better interactions with the people at work or at home occur and you are more inspired to do your best, and the outcomes are surprisingly superior. Same applies to the week.

I love mondays. It is a fresh chance to begin all that I wanted to do last week and could not get to. It affords me the chance at getting it right in the next 7days. I am blessed to help meet people who are unhappy about their monday start and offer them suggestions to change their viewpoints by my interactions. I reset the clock on my crossfit gym time. I get fresh ideas to post and write about for the week.

I get another day to live out my dreams. The magic of my monday is that I get to share my experience with the divine universe as I am connected to nature. All that I am I give to my day, every day, and it starts off on a monday.

Monday is the spark of a great week.

Happy Monday
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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