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Open 19.1

The crossfit open is here 19.1

And so it began.. loud music, a timer count down begins and the workout started. Wall balls and rowing. 2 of my least favorite movements, but not as bad as others.

An armada of like minded enthusiastic athletes at Crossfit Swarm all commenced their 15 minutes of arduous workload. Pacing was key for this workout for me.

Why do I do the open? There are very specific rules and standards that have been laid out. Each athlete is assigned a judge who watches every bit of your movement like a hawk, and if you are not doing a particular movement per the specifications, you get ” no rep”. The more “no reps ” you get the more work you have to perform in even less time to achieve your goal. So the idea of getting least amount of “no reps” is an incentive to get better in the form, and also conserve energy by making each rep count and moving through the workout with intensity and good functionality. It is also an incentive to learn fast. I learned a lot about pacing myself to prevent premature burn out. Noting my stance, my depth of the squat, the correct aiming to target, the force to use, the pressure on the heels, the breaths between the throwing of the ball etc.

One of the reasons I was hesitant about joining the open competition was my shoulder and hip were bothering me. Too tight or simply not behaving quite up to par had been my excuses. Yet I could live with excuses or push past them and so I attended the workout.

So here I am. Doing the workout. My friend and judge Chris harper watched me like I had gold bullion in my pockets, and I got called out on a lot of form issues. I can pretend well it was my hip or shoulder that was causing the problem. Self defeating excuses !! A lesser athlete would have got angry at being called out “no rep.” I chose to see this as an opportunity and not as a failure.

Each failure is the best teacher. And so I asked myself for each “no rep” how can I do it better and save energy. I pushed past my perceived physical limitations and reached new levels of understandings for my squat. Uncovered more efficient ways on the rower too. It is always more helpful when guided by some one watching your movements in the work out.

Could I have done better? Sure. Next time. But I gave every ounce of sweat I had in the present effort and every cell screamed helping each other to get me through the 15 minutes. I truly had nothing more to give. With every moment of understanding and learning I shift to the next quantum level of awareness.

Thrilled at doing this Open with super alive energetic humans together in a community of crazy fun filled people with abound opportunities to learn from each event to better myself.

19.2 is next week. Better get ready.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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