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Like a boss

Have your noticed that sometimes your fears, frustrations and stresses rule you. They take over, and your darker side comes out. Anger, shouting, mean words and actions. They boss you and others around making your environment a difficult one to function in. The ‘boss’ is the self governing mechanism within each of us. It is our choice of how we choose to express our emotions. It can either lead to a the lighter side or the darker side of our nature.

It is always prudent to explore both sides of our behaviors so as to then know for certain what is effective and what is not when dealing with others and ourselves. There are times when using the sweeter side of your boss-ness will get you greater amount of effective work done. Yet there are times when the darker side of your boss-ness will get you even more results. It all depends on your audience and the circumstances.

Perhaps if Vader had used more tact and been less forceful he would have got more effective results in creating a timely space station, yet if he had not ‘killed off’ various ineffective commanders with his bossy-ness he may have not been able to get the right people to do the right job at the right time. He created a hostile environment which was clearly a necessary one to promote the theme of evil and death. So in the views of the dark side he was an effective boss. However he could have spent some time learning a few more tools and adding to his CEO skill set.

When we have certain aspects of our lives that become disempowered we are given signs from the universe as well as tools to seek out to alter our habit patterns to become more empowered and effective. Vader could have learned a lot from his competition ( such as the Rebellion ). Competition is healthy towards progressing ones’ endeavors. Being an effective boss is learning the strategies of the competition as well. If we do not become an efficient boss, we are more than likely going to be replaced by those who are more productive and efficient.

Keep your skills and knowledge current, you never know when you are going to be called towards your higher purpose.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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