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Client story

I worked with a client recently who was having a hard time in his career. He was frustrated at his co workers lax attitudes and at his boss who always see to pile more work on him at every turn.

He was contemplating quitting..

The anger raged every day and was eating him up from the inside…

He couldn’t sleep, eat and was fearful of losing his job. His health was deteriorating manifesting as stomach issues and kidney stones

We worked together on discovering his perceptions. He ended up being grateful for his work and discovered his co workers didnt bother him any more.

Suddenly his boss was not dumping on him and his productivity went up substantially.
I would not be surprised if he is slated for a promotion and increase in wages.

Sometimes what holds us back are our perceptions and mindsets that prevent us from attaining our full genius.

Mind and heart are linked. When we unleash our mind, our heart opens up…. and it is the heart that creates our reality of choice..

Yes I am a cardiologist, but it’s not all I do..

Energetic healing, perception integration are great tools to help restore the balance of traditional medicine.

Helping people to discover their vision and getting their full potential activated is a part of what I do.

And I love every minute of it.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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