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Super wolf blood moon


Lots of emotional roller coasters, illness, fatigue, exhaustion, vulnerabilities, turmoils, pressures and instabilities are being experienced. An inner push to the outward.

4 amazing lunar spectacles combine for Jan 20/21, 2019

Full moon, wolf moon (first full moon of January), Super moon, Total lunar eclipse ( Blood moon)

It is a time to contemplate ideas, habits and practices that you want to let go and those that you choose to inherit. It a great time to break your fantasies of the resolutions that you may have made for january 1 and get grounded into reality and uncover what you really want.

Transformation and magic is in the air, so use this time wisely. A suggestion I have would be to clear your mind, and then write down your true intentions on a paper and then burn it and allow that energy to release and engage.

What are these lunar spectacles?

The Eclipse is a harbinger of change. It helps to usher in an evolution. As the earth comes in between the sun and moon it bends the sunlight towards the moon giving it a reddish appearance. They are rare as they align the sun, earth and moon. They bring shadow aspects of ourselves and pour unconscious feelings to the surface grounding them into reality. Whether they are unclaimed goals or fears that no longer serves us that we choose to let go. they help bring about cosmic plans to be recognized.

The Super moon is when the moon is in full phase and closest to the earth and appears 30% brighter. Its energies magnify the power of the electromagnetism of the moon and the interaction with our own consciousness to step us out of our unconscious.

A Full moon shines light on all that we have not honored or disowned for us to see clearly what we need to love and embrace. It heightens the emotions and mental processes, dreams, and amplifies the release of our intentions to co create and radiate out the reality of our choice.

A brief invocation I created to help you tonight.

” I breathe in the light
I exhale it as love
I create the reality of my choice
I live my inspired destiny with purpose ”

Repeat x3
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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