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I dont know

When we say ” I don’t know what to do next…” It is a transient disconnect from our conscious self. Taking the foot of the gas pedal as it were, so that we may learn to shift gears. It can be disconcerting at first. This seemingly endless pause of indecision that rattles the mind and the body. Yet it is this very pause that renders itself a. Gift from the unconscious self. A unique opportunity to harmonize the decision of past experiences with the leap of a future vision.

The ” I don’t know what to do” could be from a host of preconditioned past experiences reminding us of mistakes that we may have made. Yet never realizing that those mistakes were not only necessary but were imperative to be made so as to learn and grow and adapt. It could genuinely stem from a lack of not having sufficient data to process the decision. Allowing the time to process what information we can gather plays an important role at this juncture to return with a relatively balanced solution. Having weighed out the advantages and disadvantages.

Deeper still the ” I don’t know what to do…” is the complete pause to acknowledge and accept the rest that is provided by the unconscious to first unravel and then dissolve fears and create new ideas to tackle the situation at hand. Hard as it may be for others to accept your statement of ambivalence, it is a protective mechanism for you as you retreat into a nurturing shell of wisdom.

What returns to the surface is never cavalier and dismissive. It is a thoughtfully worded response of the unconscious when we are ready to reveal ourselves to the world that waits impatiently with baited breath for our reaction. It is only the universe and our heart that has the conscious understanding of time and space and has the patience to breathe before rendering a response.

It is the pause in which the entire breath of eternity exists that births new ideas and new worlds. Never be afraid of saying ” I don’t know what to do next…”, yet be more vigilant of reacting impulsively and regretting it later.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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