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End of 2018

As we approach the end of another year round the sun, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, the readers of my blog, facebook and instagram and social media outlets. Thank you for sharing your comments, your ideas and these posts along our journey. That’s right. This is not just my journey, it is yours as well. you have shared your pains, your joys, your sacred stories. These all show me the bravery of your human heart. Thank you for allowing me to remember that which matters and hosting me in your thoughts.

I thank my family and friends for their undying love and friendship shown towards me when I was and am in my most vulnerable states. Your support is equally as appreciated and reciprocated when the time comes.

I am thankful to the universe for its continuous support and challenges this year to help me evolve to become better and grow. I know I have much to learn and create in 2019. I am in tears of gratitude for the future that is unfolding.

As I sit with endless lists and resolutions that I want to cram into every moment of every day in the coming year I am humbled by the mindful grandeur of it all, and reminded by my body to keep it simple and light and authentic.

So I choose to begin my year anew to speak words of kindness, to validate my dreams, to discover the depths of my emotional world, and to bear witness to the magnificence of my soul’s creations. To hold and touch my complete potential in all its forms and manifestations.

I choose to experience the one thing that matters the most, how well did I love while I was here.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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