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Welcome to a powerful week with the beginning of the Solstice, a magical cold moon and to top it off ending with my favorite part of the year, Christmas !! Yeepee

Allow me let you know about these happy occasions.

Solstice is an amazing time to honor the rebirth of your sun. It is time to remember the light amongst the darkness. It is a time to remember your brightness that shines within the ignorance, the fears, the troubles that guides you to unconditional love. It is a time to receive and extend forgiveness and time to forgive yourself. It is a time to love yourself. It is a time to see that your journey is unfolding on its way to love. Gratitude is the gateway to this path. Solstice is a time for you to open your eyes to the divine crystalline being of Love and Light that you really are.

Solstice and now this full moon is a powerful portal of Light that asks you to enter with a breath of resolution. A sense of rest of the body to allow peace to resonate within your heart. It is a time for recharging with the deep knowing of the stars that burns bright within you. Shifting gears to draw the love of the universe within and let it out with each pulse and each breath.

This Full moon known as the cold moon to many is a holy still point to bring your awareness to honor with gratitude your ancestral lineage of blood and heart. Your physical and your spiritual. To this end, I have helped Nitin to create a powerful invocation for this full moon day and night.

” May I recognize my Light of my Soul

May I breathe in the cosmic brightness of all parts of me into this lifetime

May I discover the essences of Light all around me, guiding, teaching, healing me.

May I henceforth realize that I am not alone and never have been.

May I connect to the rhythm of the Universe

May I feel the pulse of my True Divine Self

I am my Destiny,

I am Eternal,

I am Divine Light

I am Love

I am, I am, I am.”

Repeat 3x for full effect.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Luna synchronisation : While it is not well known Elves are in fact closely tied to the movements of the moon, or in their home dimension moons. A full moon like on Earth can call forward their true beast forms trapping them like that until the effect has worn off. While on their home world this only occurs when all four moons align every two hundred years, Earths moon is noted as being exceptionally magical and powerful forcing these changes to happen every Full moon. In addition the movement of the moon also can severely effect an elves emotions much more than humans, with a Earth full moon motivating their desire to breed and an eclipse causing a temporary personality swap.

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