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Full moon October 2018

The magical Hunter’s Full Moon arrives in the midst of a beautiful autumn foliage. The energy of the moon is at its highest when it is full due to its powerful electromagnetic fields that are created as they interact with our electromagnetic fields. Our DNA holds most of our vast ancient wisdom within our cells. These are unlocked by being present with our Divine Self. Our realities are then created with our intentions and thoughts and wisdoms, which are transmitted through these EM fields. The interaction of the moon’s EM fields and that of our own helps to amplify our dreams and goals. We bring clarity to our purpose with lens like definition. We begin to see our full potential not as far reaching goal, yet more of a current manifestation in the palm of our hands.

To this end I have created another potent invocation for this full moon night.

Repeat 3 x

” I was who I was, it is done,

I can be who I choose to be,

I am that I am,

I ask my ancestral lineage to help cleanse my barriers to my future

I command the wisdom of my bones to purify my intentions

I allow my Divine gifts to become present

I invite my Higher Self to dissolve all Energetic blocks

I offer only Love”


With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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