When people ridicule you, do not be frightened or upset. Most people are trying to humiliate you as it is too painful for them not to be like you.

You threaten them or at the very least remind them of parts of themselves that they are too scared to acknowledge. They are equally shamed for not thinking of your idea or your mannerisms first. So if someone makes fun of a persons hair. It is not the hair they are making fun of, it is the uniqueness of the other persons style that they are apprehensive about, as they do not have that same uniqueness.

If someone makes fun of a handicapped person, it is their lack of humility or their fear of not knowing how to interact with that person that makes them fearful and so laugh it off. If someone thinks that you are too ambitious and not following societal norm of behavior and being quiet, that is because they are too ashamed that they did not take the risk to do what you did.

If someone criticizes your clothes style, it is because they are jealous of not having that spark of an idea to be different. If someone pokes fun at your ideas, it because they are ashamed at not having enough of their own. If someone harshly judges the way someone speaks or does anything that is not conforming to society’s ideals, they are actually judging themselves harshly for being stuck following illogical society norms.

In this way you can soon discover that you are not someone to remain humiliated, hurt, depressed, but in fact celebrated, peacefully in joy and be happy for the unique gifts and abilities that you have. Most people will always be scared of what they do not understand.

They are Scared of you? Hmmmm now that seems better than you being scared of them.

With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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