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Breaking the blocks

Breaking the blocks

Enlightenment. A New Age term to an age old idea sparked since the dawn of time. A path chosen by some. A path desired by all. I am asked by friends about this path, about my journey. Some hear it and believe it is as a long and arduous one. They would most definitely be right. In my opinion,  “Enlightenment ” is  not about progressing forward and being all positive, smiley and patting one on the back for achievements far and wide. The pretense of being all positive all the time is really one that suppresses all the turmoil beneath the surface. A broad bandage to cover up a roaring storm of the ego that lies underneath. 
Enlightenment has nothing to do with trying to become happy or sad. It is about the balance of being. Yet the process begins with the much needed complete destruction of old programming. Breaking down the blocks that have held one in the place they are in today. It is about digesting all the remnants of anger, prejudice, fears and older ideas that no longer serve. It is about unravelling the tightly knit wool of ignorance, and yes it is the same wool that will one day be used to build a warm sweater of security in the future. De-atomize, Destroy and Demolish all the unusable fabrics of emotional inheritance. Generational ideologies that were once held together by fears of a few have become the dogma of the many. Century after century these ideas have become towers and beacons of rigid concepts in our minds that serve a single purpose, to keep us chained. We must of course honor the past for all that it is. I am certainly not suggesting that we blow our ancestral heritage to a sour wind. Moreover indulge in the honoring processing of the past as it once served to the present. And all that does not bear fruit for the future, let it go. 
Paradigms, fears, rigid frames of mind, all swiftly brought into the the rubble of a new era.Traditional obedience without understanding is a kin to just standing in quicksand. Enlightenment is the breaking out of the rubble. It is the discerning of the untrue and raging forward. It is the climbing out from under the deepest darkest pile of rocks that have held me for eons with their weight of hate, injustice, prejudicial blinders and old aged lies.
 I climb slowly. I climb fast. I fall back down. I do this repeatedly. I seek out in the dark the edges of my imprisoned chasm. I feel for the rugs on which to hold my footing. I pause. I alter my route many a time. Up, down, sideways. For the longest time sideways and down.  Till one day I make significant progress out of the sharp, razor rocks of my mind’s fears and my ego’s grasp. I breathe easier and stand at the entrance of my once long dark tunnel in which I had fallen oh so many years ago. I peer into the darkness with a new tool I have carved while stuck down there. It has taken years to create. The tool of love. 
I am not enlightened, yet. But I am aware. I am finally awake. 
Breaking down the blocks, it is your journey too. 


Author: Brown Knight

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