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The other is you

The Other is You

Felt that loneliness?
Felt that longing for something more?
I have experienced that ” je ne sais qoi” moment where I could not quite put my finger on what was missing in my life on numerous occasions. The feeling  of emptiness that is in my grasp to fill, yet always alludes me. My personal assistant who is never quite there yet craves for my attention and satisfies all my whims and fancies yet leaving me always for more. I am sure you have felt it  too. It always leaves me with the sense of hollowness that I am more, that there is more, and that “this” cannot be all there is or can be. The feeling of the unknown is a powerful one, yet it may not be just the unknown or what is the “next step” that is the trigger.
A little exercise that I have tried is simply standing and looking at myself in the mirror. Without judgement, without conversation, without anything. Just stand and observe. Soon the seemingly endless moments are strung together into barely any time. They are transformed into an amazing awareness of what I feel and of what I speak. They are transformed into Me. An embodiment of my heart that I see before me in human form . My personal assistant revealed behind the shadows of doubt, suppressed under layers of distractions.
I have travelled many paths and many lifetimes to get to where I am at this very moment. Yet this version of me has always been accompanied by the very loyal and very present Me. It has longed for my attention. It has screamed for my acknowledgement by granting all that I have craved. It has manifested every insane hobby and every sensory desire of my mind, simply to get my attention. Once received, all it needed was a warm embrace and immediate justification is manifest, and the loneliness is gone. It is the bridge between the past moment and the future moment.
 It is now. It is me. It is Love.
The very embodiment of you, the very nature of me , that is waiting so ever patiently to materialise and for our mind and ego to acknowledge is none other that the true you, known as Love. The desperate emptiness is filled. The unclear paradigm is resolved. It was never about the next moment “to do”, it was always this moment “to be.” The innate feelings of separation since we stepped onto this planet has come a full circle. The painful longing of completeness was never for any one or any thing, yet more for the moment of awakening to the Self. The separation was the void.
The void has been filled with the knowing of You.
The other that you seek as you hide away amongst the blanket of distractions is You, known as love
The other that I seek through the eyes of non judgement is Me, known as Love.


Author: Brown Knight

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