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Cut copy and paste

Cut Copy Paste

These days with the advent of smart features on the key board and touch screen we can simply” cut, copy, and paste” This unfortunately recently happened to a dear friend and author. She is internationally renowned and well respected in her field. She put up a poem that was written with deep heart felt space from her soul. Beautiful words inked out into the digital print for all to read. Well someone just “cut, copy, pasted” it to their own website and let it out for all that person’s viewers to read. No acknowledgement of origins, no recognition of the author. Simply cut, copy and paste. I see this all too often as literally it is as easy as that. The maneuver is so easy that  it can be  done with a thumb on the smart phone !! How do I know this ? I have done it. And odds are you have done it too. Unconsciously click.. cut..copy..  paste or  even the cut..copy…. print. Well the wheels of the mind got turning as usually only odd situations do. 
I find my self so easily cutting.. copying and then pasting ideas into my subconscious and then adopting them as truth . Discussions about politics or religion or loose gossip   expediently transform into “real” facts and I will then share them later in idle conversations. No filtering of fact or fiction. Out they come. The scary part is that they are believed by others who I speak to without question, for the most part. Which then triggers in me the desperate need to clarify and make sure that I am always speaking my truth. 
If it is that easy to cut.. copy and paste useless falsehoods into my brain, then surely it should be that easy to supplant them with better ideologies and truths. Unfortunately my ego sometimes is too strong and it immediately replaces fonder memories with insignificant confusing minutia that bears no relevance on my day to day  existence. I am eagerly trying to break out of bad habit patterns and replacing them with more efficient patterns of consideration, love and compassion. Well, Work in  progress. Still trying to avoid the “cut copy and paste” function before I have to do the “Cntrl Alt Del” function !! 
Cut Copy Paste…..Do you know what you are cutting, copying and pasting??


Author: Brown Knight

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