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Life is like a multiple choice test

Life is like a multiple choice test.

I have been told that when doing a multiple choice test  (MCQ) test that the answer is always B. The other day I was told by someone that the answer is always C. Yet another proclaimed ” no way the answer is always A.” Alright then, now I am very confused. If the answer is always one particular alphabet then do I just pick that answer and fill it in throughout the entire answer column? Is that not more hoping that I will be randomly lucky to get a few answers right with that one chosen alphabet versus potentially getting a lot of the questions wrong by focussing only on one answer. Is the choice of the alphabet specific to the person doing the test? Does this even work? Or perhaps the MCQ test answers are just a random array of choices. Well your guess is as good as mine. Get it? Guessing answers !! <silent chuckle>
Yet if this last statement is true and that anyone’s guess is as good as anyone else’s choice , then we all have an equal chance of getting the question correct. However I have  often thought that there are more than one correct answer for any given question. After all does it not depend on the perspective of the individual. Different points of view is what makes the world a more diverse place. It is our desire to live in a shade of beige believing that there is only one answer to everything that  stems from the fact that most people would rather be told what to do, what to think, and what the answer is. No effort is simple. Secretly deep down we ALL crave the freedom of choice, yet few truly believe that it is possible. Old memories, old programming, old fears. Overwritten, our inner hidden treasure of choice remains elusive. And so we pick the choice that has been handed to us and call it fate or destiny or we simply shrug our overburdened shoulders and call it “life.”
It takes a lot of effort to dig deep and embrace those fears and let them go. Even more effort to acknowledge that those fears were ever there and are real. Been there since birth, childhood, adolescence, adult hood till now.   Gnawing, festering, and decomposing our thoughts, these fears shackle us down and prevent us from making our own true independent choice for ourselves. Instead we choose, I choose from the choices given to me and I pick. Invariably wrongly. A or B or C or D. Yet what if the answer is F. It may not be on the pre manufactured answer column yet the answer may not be what is given. F for free, F for freedom, F for fabulous, F for First. It takes the ultimate effort to not only acknowledge the fears, dig them up, embrace them, but to let them go. How do I know this ? I have done it.
Life is about choices.
 Life is about making the wrong choices and then figuring out the right ones.
Life is about sticking to the choices that you make with conviction.
Life is about making choices from a place of love and compassion.
Life is about making choices from the heart space.
 Life is about making choices and surrendering them to the universe.
Life is about the universe helping me and you make the correct choices.
Life is about making multiple choices. But not for a test but for fun.
Agree or disagree? Your choice 🙂
I Love You for your choices.


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