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Living with inertia

Living with inertia

I have lived with inertia for a long time. It is my friend. We are so close that we don’t have to even say anything to each other and yet we understand each other so well. It has been with me through out all my major life’s decisions. Prompting me not to move. Holding me back to stay where I am. Caught in the rift between ‘do” or “do not” I exist. The one thing that has always propelled me forward as been an unexplainable driving force to explore, to be free, to become better. The one thing that has inexorably held me back has been the fear that I may fail, fear that I will not reach that what I so desire the most, the fear that I will fall short in the eyes or expectations of others. So my friend of inertia waits with me patiently and allows me safe passage to my comfort zone of do nothing. The world watches for me to make my next move with baited breath. Then the timed second rolls by and so does the world.
I stand at the edge of a cliff looking down and out and across. I take stock of my surroundings.
 My heart says” take the plunge.”
My mind says” you are going to hurt yourself as you fall.”
My spirit says “get ready to fly.”
My body says we will stand by inertia where it is safe.
Wrapped up in my comfort zone I long to leap, yet I am trapped by my own fears. It is not a case of ‘should I jump’. It is a case of if ‘I do jump,will I be able to able to fly and be alright’. We all stare at our own precipice  and desire to change.  This is the edge of the cliff of which I speak. A turning point, a milestone for growth or advancement. A crossroads of decision that must be firmly committed to. Left, right, straight on. Or Inertia. We all want to jump off since that is why and how we got therein the first place. The fear that clouds the judgement is the fear that I can actually fly, but I do not believe in  myself long enough to sustain flight. Ironically it is this same edge and the desire to learn from its tall height lessons that keep us coming back or remaining AT the edge in the first place.
I have spent a lot of time at crossroads and at the edges of these figurative cliffs. Sometimes I have learned to skillfully climb down the precipice with caution  and  sometimes turned away. Most of the time I say within my state of inertia. Well that changes from now. The bubble breaks with my conscious decision to leap. The safe blanket of inertia is thrown off as my subconscious agrees and my heart and spirit unite to reinforce my wings.
I close my eyes. I feel my heart race and then slow down. I take a deep breath in filled with love. I hold that breath with divine mandate. I exhale it out with deep faith and I leap. I do not fall. I fly.
Surprised? I am not. I was born to fly. So were you. Come join me. Flying together is so much more fun. Just let go of the inertia. I got you 🙂
I Love You.


Author: Brown Knight

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