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Anger vanished..now what?

Anger Vanished….now what?

Day in and day out, from moment to moment I find myself succumbing to the pangs of anger. Like waves in a tumultuous ocean, my emotions are just like yours. Up and down. Sometimes more up and sometimes more down. The roller coaster effect persists whenever dealing with stressful situations. This all culminates into a tidal force of anger. Negativity is the resultant splash that manifests when the wave has dragged me down. I often wonder how should I stay aloft and not keep diving deeper into this quagmire of emotions.
So I practice meditation. This helps me tremendously in being the surfer on top of the wave of a rising emotion and not be part of the surf itself. From moment to moment observing the wave rise and fall instead of reacting to it. When that emotion of anger attempts to take hold I do not engage the force or feeling. I am not perfect. As you may note, I said I practice meditation. I have not mastered it !!
Yet I wonder at times what would happen if all my anger dissolved and simply vanished? Well what then. How would I live my life not being bitter, or angry, or snapping back when irritated ( since I clearly won’t be). Proponents of the idea that we are human with a wide range of human emotions and should experience all of them may disagree with my idea of dissolving anger. I agree with their point of view of experiencing the spectrum, yet I also am a proponent of the fact that it is my choice which end of the spectrum I choose to exist in. Life would be very different without anger. I would be more open to experiencing newer things without anger-raised fear. I would be more understanding of others and their concepts without a biased negative emotion leading to anger. I would be able to see things I never have seen before with non angering, non judgmental eyes and appreciate them. Those who believe that it is impossible to achieve this state of mind and being are more afraid that they will not succeed and some even more afraid that they will succeed, then what do they do. That uncertainty can be scary. Working through this fear and anger has it’s own rewards. How do I know this? I have been there. I have experienced the fear and anger of the impossibility and the absurdity of letting go, and then the even more terrifying emotion of ” I can let go ” and succeed.
Try letting go of your anger. Trying staying in the moment at first for even 5 seconds, then build it up. A world of tremendous beauty and light awaits you and me. What an absurd idea of a world polarized only by anger. Yet I look around me and I see just that. So I put into effect the opposite of what I see, into what I choose to see, basically a world becoming anger free. I see it clearly in everyone’s heart. The potential to be greater than they are at this very moment.  I dare you to do the same. If you still do not believe me that people can be anger free, look into the face of a baby as you pick them up. Pure joy. No hate, no anger. They are still untouched by bias ness and madness of fears. Now compound this with hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of people. What a bright world we now live in.
Anger dissolved? Maybe a little? Your world awaits you. Let’s start right now. I will help you.


Author: Brown Knight

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