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Spiritual enema….. Ingredients included

Spiritual Enema

So much anger, so much hate, so much negativity. I am constantly surrounded by these bombarding emotions that I too am able to fiercely generate the same. My whole being becomes tense and then physical manifestations of headaches, back aches, palpitations all come into reality. Others have told me about bowel habit changes, sleeping difficulties, eating compulsiveness and yet  again a whole variety of symptoms including chest pain and shortness of breath to name but a few to skim the surface of complaints. Medications are not always the answer. They may just suppress the symptoms or mask them entirely. Many a time the best cure is an all out detox.
I am just as susceptible  to the energies of others as they are to me. Once fully saturated  with negativity it is quite hard to release and detoxify from these emotions and heavy energies. At times it takes a lot more than simply putting on a happy face and pretending that everything is fine and dandy. It requires a cathartic release. A spiritual enema if you will to totally cleanse the mind, spirit and consciousness. Once released daily cleansing is a useful maintenance practice to keep my self in sync and lighter and more able to handle my day.
Meditation. Not an easy trick  but with practice gets as comfortable and convenient as brushing one’s teeth….daily.
The enema for the soul is built up of several ingredients.
1) calming the mind… not a case of not letting things in, yet more not holding things back. Let ideas, thoughts, distractions and other tenants of the mind to exit gracefully.
2) cleansing breaths. I do 3-5 breaths and allow with each breath a feeling of even more physical relaxation.
3) Attention to my breath as it enters a nostril and exists through the nostril, allowing my focus to be at the center base of the nose.
4) just being present and feeling  the moment.
This enema is portable and can be performed anywhere, anytime. It is easier to do in a quiet place and undisturbed for a set given amount of time. It is prescribed by my Self to myself. I do not need to goto the local pharmacy to get it, yet if I so desire to learn about the practice there are plenty of spiritual retreats or even “you tube” videos of meditative practices that are useful to explore. NO fuss, no mess, just detox.
I am always in need of a spiritual enema, yet thank fully with daily practice my need for the intense dosing gets less frequent and intense. Lighter, more energetic I go about my day, with less symptoms than I started. Back in sync.
Have you had your spiritual enema today? Feeling lighter?


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