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The dates in between

The Dates in between


1/27/1756 – 5/12/1791  Mozart
10/25/1881 -4/8/1973 Picasso
2/11/1847-10/18/1931 Edison
We are all born and we all will die. For most of us our birth is a great hurrah ! ( mostly for our parents) and the date of death is a mournful one to those we leave behind. I am  here for only a limited time. I know the date of my birth and perhaps on some deep spiritual level I also know the date of my expected departure. For some we remember their last date on the planet as perhaps it was associated with a catastrophic event or unexpected tragedy. Yet I wonder at times not so much of my own personal end date on this planet, yet moreover my time in between and how to spend it. If I knew the date I perhaps would make more of a conscious effort towards working harder, learning more, helping others, playing more, having a lot more fun, in other words being present in the moment. 
I find that the average person I meet on a regular  basis spends most of the time talking about the progression of their day with disdain or irreverence. Yet I do come across many who are genuinely happy about their day and life in general. My time here is limited, I have known this for a long time, yet it was not until the last few years I have been really making a more effort to live an on purpose life. I have always filled my life with infinite things to do, to read, to write, to learn, to explore, to try out, hobbies to keep me occupied. It was always a very focussed and target oriented existence. Nothing wrong with that. In fact many would say ” Well man what more do you want ? That’s like everything you could imagine.” True, but not quite. Gaining mastery in numerous things is one thing, gaining mastery of myself is a whole other experience. 
Embracing  my purpose and  connecting to my true Self has given me the momentum to cherish my “now” and all the days that have yet to come with great vigor and enthusiasm. I am not afraid of the date of expiration on this body, yet like a fine wine I have a lot of aging and maturing to do before my cork is “popped” Then what I leave behind is a trail of refreshing breaths that will help to serve and not harm mankind. Each day can be filled with moments of connection. Enveloped with compassion I try to bring forth better experiences that will fill my dates in between with connected beads of love, understanding and hope on this amazing string of life. 
march 1975- present,  Nitin…
a life filled with experiencing every amazing thing, met with every spectacular person, every single divine time. 
Write your own little date of birth- present, name…. and a little note about how YOU choose to live your date in between.


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