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The painful season is back. I have no choice but to face it each day. Sneeze, cough, blow nose, mop up watery eyes, and repeat several times.Tissue boxes get emptied and energies drained from all these shenanigans. Every year, the allergies get worse and as the season varies so does my incompatibility with these different botanical  components. It is quite ridiculous. Allergic to my own natural habitat ? Who would have thought of such a thing to be even possible. Yet it is. I face it each day along with countless others. This got me thinking as most of these situations do. I am just having a hard time dealing with my external environment and allergic to the outside world, a bodily chemical reaction. 
However what about all the other elements that I am allergic to internally? Negativity, prejudice, hatred, jealousy are all various similar botanical components that I am allergic to. Instead of spluttering, coughing and sneezing, I have other symptoms such as  anxiety, frustration and panic attacks. These may even further manifest as misplaced anger towards a coworker, or family member. I lash out in all these different ways as these are being fueled by misinterpreted signals of an allergic reaction. I can try to suppress all these feelings of negative enhanced thoughts and pretend they do not exist, like my delusion that this year my allergies are not going to erupt. Yet when they do, I must face up to them. So too I must face the reality of these feelings. Allergy to the internal is just as potent to the allergy to the external. The question is do I suppress both with medication and ignorance or do I deal with the internal and external incompatibilities.
The external allergy is easy. Begin the desensitization  process not with steroids or the sheer craziness of going full on into the allergic environment and reacting to everything. One method is having small doses of local honey from local bees. You do not see bears sneezing all spring season long. I wonder why. Desensitized ? Slowly yet surely allergies to the external pollen from trees, flowers, bushes etc will subside.   I am working on this. Stay tuned.
The internal allergy to negative feelings is a lot harder to manage but can be done so in a  similar step wise approach. Facing up to the fact that there is a problem is the first part in diagnosing that there is in fact an allergy. Plucking away at prejudices, biases and judgements that lead to negative emotional states that explode into anger, hatred, jealousy and then outright outbursts kind of like a sneeze yet more internal is hard work but doable . Understanding the origins of these harsh pollinating seeds of non positive feelings is my answer to releasing them. Once found they do not seem to have their hold on me any more. Perhaps it was something that someone once said decades ago, a mindset was created and a prejudicial seed was planted. This flourished over the years in to now a terrific weed. The external environments helped harvest these negative seeds in to plants of terror and the only reaction now as they pollinate is a manifestation of anger, anxiety and panic as I am unable to handle my overwhelming reaction to it all. The weed of hate perpetuates its pollen and the cycle continues till no end, or at least until I decide to handle my allergies.
 In my opinion, meditation and reflection of the origins of these issues are the treatments. The cure lies in the desire within one self to conquer these states. Just because I have allergies to my external environment does not mean I just blame  everything on the allergy and give up. So too for the internal allergies manifesting as anger and anxiety. Mixed in with a healthy medicinal dose of compassion towards my Self, I find symptom relief and  a better allergy free environment in which to roam. Inhaling the fresh air is as good for my lungs, as it is inhaling cleaner thoughts for my spirit and conciousness. 
Cured? Not yet? I am working on this. Stay tuned. But join me for a day out in the sun, allergy free. It is worth breath-taking. 


Author: Brown Knight

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