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Being a bright light bulb

Being a bright light bulb

I have always been curious about the cartoon of the boy with the light bulb above his head, depicting the “idea” or “eureka” concept. The creation of the modern day light bulb was in itself one of the greatest human inventions. Who invented the light bulb is up to a lot of debate and yet many are given credit for it. That is not however what I am interested in. Yet I have also been curious about  looking into the lit light bulb. Have you done it?  Blinding isn’t it!!  The light dissipates throughout an entire room, leaving no part unlit. The more powerful the bulb the more of the darkness is dispelled. In the absence of light there is only darkness. There is no in between. It is absolute. If you take laser light however a very different approach occurs. It is very focussed beam of light and VERY BLINDING yet it shines in a straight line towards its target. It does not dispel any darkness except that what interrupts its path. It can shine concomitantly within the darkness occurring side by side. This got me thinking as many of these odd situations do.
A light bulb’s energy is dissipated in all directions as far as its energy can project. Continuous  stream    of electrons and light energy perform this action. A laser beam is comprised of even higher intensity focussed light energy yet cannot perform this similar light bulb action. How does this phenomenon apply to me? When I fully embrace my Self I shine as bright as a light bulb. I dissipate compassion, unconditional love and connection in every direction. 360 degrees in all directions of a sphere. Bold, bright, and powerful. I shine bright and dispel the darkness that is around me. I dispel the darkness within  me. Fears, hate, anger, jealousy, envy and greed are all various facets of the darkness that I choose to block out. Flicker, Flicker off. Oh dear my bulb is off. I need to be able to keep light energy stronger and longer lasting. I need a more powerful source to charge my bulb. Faith, courage and surrender to the moment of now are all the ingredients I need to maintain my bulb’s brightness and longevity.
A laser’s light is unidirectional and only outgoing. As bright as it may be it is still limited. If my focus is so intense on something I can create that laser light. If however the ingredients are not in the correct proportion it can be too intense and harmful when it  reaches its target. Too much of a unidirectional intensity of energy good or bad is usually destructive. If I love too much without reason I can smother someone. If I hate too much I can destroy someone. So this is not the light I seek. Even a candle has the amazing gift of the light bulb yet limited in its source, in other words candle wax burns off. A light from an oil lamp has more longevity yet it too will eventually die out when the wick burns off or the oil is not renewed. I am working on a brighter renewable non depleting Universal  Source of energy mixed in with compassion and  love so I may connect to my world with the brightness and freedom that it deserves. 
I am trying to be as bright as the sun, not there yet.. but soon… 🙂


Author: Brown Knight

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