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Soul surfing

Soul Surfing



For those who love the water, nothing can be more fun than getting out in the ocean, swimming their boards out to the waves and getting on top of the waves and riding them to their hearts content. The exhilaration of catching the  big one is always thrilling and a great source  of satisfaction and joy. I have seen absolutely stunning photographs of surfers doing what they do best within a tunnel of waves, keeping speed, balance and poise as they then exit the surf. When perfectly in the moment they are at peace with themselves and all their surroundings. They are at that moment sheltered if you will by the crest of the waves. So too is the same situation with our souls. 


We dive into the ocean of our lives with great enthusiasm and vigor. Just like the ocean waves, there is a certain measure of unpredictability that goes along with the experience. We wait, we watch the ripples of energy of the waves and then swim towards the swells, just as we would in each unfolding life endeavor. We can either approach the wave with fear or with love. It is not an adversity to be overcome yet an encounter to experience. With fear there is no hope of surfing. With taking on the wave or experience “head on” in the moment we do not spend the energy to keep the event in our heads or minds yet instead prolong it in our hearts. Once we climb the swell we can enjoy the time there or we can be petrified of falling off the wave. Seasoned surfers will do the former.  If we are too premature in trying to attack the wave, and hold on to the life experience when not ready for it, we invariably will falter. If we delay in reaching for an opportunity we end up with the same. It is all about timing and and knowing when the experience is instinctively approachable and knowing when YOU are ready. In the end it is the experience that we live through that will allow us to know versus the other way round.
Once under the crest of the wave, we coast along the wave itself, yet in fact it is through a series of waves that we are traveling. With balance to stay on the board, with agility to be able to quickly course correct, and sheer joy of the present we either successfully come out of our experience with a Kodak moment or crash into the merciless wave force. An idea to ponder is that in life if we attempt to be in a state of compassion and balance it with forgiveness and temper our outlook with gratitude we too can have Kodak moments. With negativity and lack of focus, the tide of the life’s waves will toss you around like a piece of untethered sea weed. Reaching the crest of your life is an experience that we all as “soul surfers” aim to enjoy. Look around at all the other soul surfers out there that you pass by each day and at every moment. Some are well trained in this art and some are not, and some are on their way to learning all about the surf that we call life. It takes practice. Physical strength, being nimble, and stamina are all helpful traits, yet I have seen all ranges of 10-80 y old people attempting this sport, some succeed and some fail. It is better to have tried and failed than never at all tried your hand at anything. Now do not go and jump in to the ocean to experience surfing because I said so, instead happily go and jump in to your life’s ocean and try your hand at skills sets of compassion, love and gratitude that may just keep you above water. Patience, understanding and freedom from doubt, are skills needed to stay on the board. Faith and surrender are necessary skills that will get you back to shore safely once you traverse the moment to moment wave experiences.
What a lovely day do go out soul surfing….


Author: Brown Knight

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