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The Lovliest flower in the garden !

  The Loveliest Flower in the Garden



Anyone who spends the time to tend to a garden knows that there are always a few flowers or bushes that are their special  flowers amongst the entire collection that is the pride and joy of the gardener. Those particular flowers have unique properties such as either rare colors  or color combination, or petal formations or inviting centers and so on. They are cherished and nurtured accordingly. We all have such unique properties whether it is in the form of character traits, or special gifts or extraordinary abilities. Each person is here at this particular time, on this planet for a reason with something to offer the garden that is the universe.




You may think and believe that you do not have a special skill or are devoid of any ability but that is where your limited thinking and those of others imprinted upon you do not let your flower to bloom to its full potential. Whether it is a gentle way of packaging a box, picking up garbage or the unique ability to sense another person’s feelings or create a beautiful piece of art, perform a musical sonata, sing like an angel or perform brain surgery or simply bring peace to someone in need through your comforting words and presence.  A skill, a trait and predisposition to enhance the greater good of the world is possessed within all of us. Like the flower how do we plan to reveal it? 


The universe will provide you with all the necessary elements to survive and flourish but in order to bloom you have to do your part. Sun, water, soil, oxygen, adequate nourishment and  gravity are all elements that are given. The wild card that makes the difference between you or the flower withering away versus blooming to full potential  is the belief that you and the flower can be the loveliest and the most beautiful in the garden. This is simply faith.  Not only does the Source and universe want you to succeed, by giving you and the flower all the elements to flourish, yet all you have to do is reach out and take it. That takes faith and trust in yourSelf and in your Creative Source. The fear in not taking the plunge of faith for those who believe that something greater than yourself does not exist is the exact proof that it does. Nothing exists without its opposite. So if you do not believe in faith as it “does not exist” then you should not be fearful, ergo you are afraid of something that does exist, so take it and live happier.
You are the loveliest flower in the garden of the universe. Fact. You have every ability to flourish and succeed. Fact. You are going to bloom to your full potential. Faith. Subtle difference, true yet it makes all the difference in the world. You have a special gift, a unique ability, and an extraordinary destiny to embrace as you find your own talent as the special flower in your personal garden of characteristics. Looking from a bigger perspective you are the most beautiful flower ever seeded to blossom in the Creator’s garden of the universe. Make your Gardener proud and full of joy too, and radiantly bring out your blooming qualities. 
You are a unique and lovely flower just like every one else.


Author: Brown Knight

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