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Policing your soul

Policing your soul

When crimes occur, the police intervene. The job of the police is to maintain law and order. Rules and regulations are set by society and these are enforced by the police. For our soulful  experience here on this planet we set our own rules and regulations. When our soul’s plan gets derailed, who intervenes? Whose responsibility is it to police our soul? The answer is tricky, it is no one. The Divine soul does not need policing, it is the mind that needs to be set right. You are the only one who can alter your journey to the path that you choose to take. It may be a bad path that you are on, yet it is simply an experience for the soul. If you so choose, You can rewrite your path and travel the alternative perhaps better course.
Just as the police are strict and disciplined, you have to do the same to your mind. It is a strong and powerful ally when needed  yet a weak and feeble criminal  as it wanders astray frequently if not watched from one second to the next. Sometimes greater force is needed to subdue a suspect. In this case, the mind is guilty as charged and needs considerable disciplined force to bring it back into balance. This force is sheer will of You. The soul yet is always observing and never really judging. It is a silent companion here for the ride and the experience in whatever shape or form that it may take. The mind takes You in many different directions and paths. Some of these paths benefit your Purpose and sometimes it  does not. It is a murky line that is crossed, as one might argue what is the purpose of this life. Is it something specific or simply to experience whatever comes Your way.
Meditation and awareness of the mind’s  activities are typical ways to “serve and protect” your higher purpose and life. Being fully engaged on a daily basis with this practice is like being the cop on duty. Patrolling your thoughts are not just necessary but practical ways of keeping your mind from creating any offenses.  Reaching the court system is certainly not desirable for anyone. The relentless mischievous mind is always up to something and may land up under disciplinary systems, namely therapy !!! A close vigil of the mind is similar to the concept of neighborhood watches, except do not spend your time looking at other peoples actions and issues and waste your time commenting or gossiping about them.
Do you hear the sirens? Uh oh what have you done now? Stay focussed.


Author: Brown Knight

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