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Emptying your garbage bin

Emptying your garbage bin

Every day various household items from the kitchen or various rooms all get tossed in your bin. Tidying  up your high traffic areas, and keeping areas clean is a very natural thing to do. Anything that is not used, worn out, dirty is tossed. If it can be recycled then into the “recycle” labelled bin they go, otherwise everything unwanted or unneeded is discarded into even bigger trash cans that are kept outside the housing establishment for pick up once a week by the town receptacle collectors. This is quite normal for the physical yet where this becomes even more useful and necessary is when we apply the principle to the mind.
Our computer-like brains are constantly in a state of flux. Organizing, processing, clearing up and redistributing thoughts, memories and ideas are all typical “cleaning” up features that we do all day long, and sometimes better processing habits when we dream. Unloading your mind is necessary while you keep your high traffic consciousness free and clear to pursue the next inevitable thought that comes your way every second. Even when you use your real computer you have to periodically empty the trash bin that is full of unneeded files, programs and cookies to enable faster processing of your computer. Our minds are full of corrupted programs, useless “cookies of stimuli”, clusters of trivia and piles of memories noted by all our senses. Random things we see, smells we pick up, sounds we hear, feelings we perceive through touch and taste, are all constantly clogging our “sense shield” and pinging them as stimuli. Our brains process them ALL and filters them very quickly to see if we ever need to react to them, leaving us in a state of an ever ready reactionary mode if you will. Being in this state is not good long term as physically this is no different than keeping your car running in neutral with  your foot on the accelerator at all times. You either use your brake or the engine dies, one way or another you will stop.
The mind takes in all these sense stimuli  and locks them away for further processing needs. Your consciousness then tries to sort them out at its pace. This is why through hypnosis the memories can be brought forth and remembered. It is all trapped in the box of your mind waiting to be processed, come out or get deleted.  In order to keep you sane from moment to moment the  stimuli are “absorbed” by the brain for later, yet after a while you get fatigued, negative and “down the dumps “and we simply blame it on life or others or the ultimate coup de grace, we blame ourselves for our problems. If we choose not to lay fault with anyone especially ourSelves, and simply be more aware of this interesting process of cleaning up on a regular basis we may end up being happier.
Daily meditation, with quiet breathing and allowing your mind to wander, and it will wander, yet gently bringing it back to center, helps sharpening and focussing the mind to start going through the innumerable stimuli and seeing what is needed and what is not needed. Being aware of the breath, keeps you in the moment and your consciousness can transfer what is needed from subconscious storage to the forefront. If irrelevant, useless, or not needed, then it can be dumped into the trash can. Constant practice of this technique helps clear up all your rooms of your mind and keep your high traffic areas clean for a more vibrant, alive, awake, and fulfilling experience. Now recycling your trash  in terms of older memories is another story altogether. Once you are facile in this clearing process, the question really then becomes how big of a trash can do you need? If you keep cleaning and emptying your mind you might need less and less of a sizable bin to use, but initially get the largest one you can find.
My my what clean rooms of your mind you have….


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