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Disappearing act

Disappearing act

Ever think about what it would feel like being a part of a magician’s trick? Especially the one when he makes the assistant disappear and then reappear somewhere else. I am sure it is just an illusion yet the effect is spell binding. Now imagine if you could do that to yourself on a regular basis, how would you feel? Life is chaotic as it is with the constant hustle and bustle of our physical and mental processes that we cannot keep up. We get so involved in the flow of work or life activities that we forget who we are or what we represent and for that matter what would happen if we were not here. There is a simple little exercise you can do to not only disappear but when you reappear, you are more alive and aware of the moment. 
Right in the middle of the chaos of your life when you feel you are so overwhelmed, stop. Take a breath. Imagine that you have died and you are not here, yet you are now at this very moment witnessing everything happening in front of you but cannot communicate with any person, or anything. Just watch as things happen WITHOUT your participation. Just be still. Feel everything happening. See the people communicating and going about their activities , see objects moving, note the events unfolding through time. This is an amazing disappearing act. It will bring  you a sense of peace as you see that life is moving right along without you. Know that everything is well despite your absence. This in no means underestimates your presence on this planet or undervalues your life’s existence. It simply reveals that life can go on even though you are not there to be involved in the overwhelming madness of it all. Be like a ghost or angel if you will, just witnessing.
Now step out of your plane and join the race, but this time with a fully awakened presence of mind. Know now that your reappearance heralds your key necessity to make a difference in the course of events, yet now with a greater sense of peace. Disappearing and reappearing is more dissolving and re-manifesting yourself into a new you, one more capable of exacting help, providing assistance, changing causality and outcomes with calm, focus and poise.  You are more valued than you believed, more loved than you realized and  more needed that you thought. Fulfilling your multifaceted roles while wearing your numerous hats is one thing, yet looking good and alive wearing those hats is quite another.
Wow you have been gone a while, welcome back…and thanks for returning 🙂


Author: Brown Knight

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