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The doctors waiting room

The doctor’s waiting room

If you are ever unfortunate enough to have to go visit the doctors office you are usually required to patiently (no pun intended) sit in a room till your appointed time to meet with the health care professionals. Looking around the room, you can see the variety of faces of the patients. Some sad, some sick, some impatient, some depressed, some dejected. The whole gamete of human emotion can be found. Different people all with a different physical or mental illness that is plaguing their existence. Regardless of specialty, the fuller the waiting room the inference is that more people are sick and ailing which is unfortunate. Hence it is always good to appreciate when you are healthier, and  in so doing enjoy it with great gratitude that you are not an patient. Not a single one of us can recall that they have never seen an unhealthy person and more so never recall not getting sick at one point in their lives. This is the nature of life and eventuality of death. Sickness and good health are just states of being while we start and end our lives.
The doctor may be sad to see an empty waiting room or elated when seeing a packed one, yet regardless of their opinion they are there only to help the physical or mental derangement.The healing of the spiritual is in your hands. What you choose to focus on expands. The more negativity you choose to accept and bring in, the more illness in some fashion creeps in to your heart, mind, body. The more positivity you seek, the more clean health you embrace. I am certainly not advocating that you do not seek out care when needed, nor that you miss your wellness physical appointment so that you stay healthy. I am emphasizing that apart from medication, and supplements there is another part of you that may equally need treatment, so do not discount this entity, namely your Spirit.
Exploring the lighter side of life is as important as seeking a health care professional’s counsel. Spend some quality time with yourSelf to firstly diagnose what the disease process that has taken hold of you. Check out the symptoms as you run through your feelings of unhappiness, anger, negativity. Once you make your diagnosis, then start chipping away at the root cause. As you do this, the treatment presents itself as you do this and may in fact be just that, reduce your sizable mountain of an “illness.” Whether it is finding something humorous to enjoy, or a peaceful walk with nature, or engaging in a hobby of your choice, the treatment and cure is within You. Spiritual sickness is curable 100% of the time, unlike the illnesses of the manifested world. Reconvening with the universe and your Source is a good initial place to open yourself up to understand the magnitude of the problem. Despite your ego telling you otherwise, your particular barrier is not unique and the solution is always at hand. Forgiveness and letting go of your troubles is one such avenue, and immeasurable gratitude for all in the past, present and future is yet another road that you must travel on to attain your “cure.” So the next time you are in the waiting room , try meditating while you patiently wait instead of being a waiting patient, you may have started your healing process before your actual appointment.
Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, within Me.


Author: Brown Knight

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