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Updating your software

Updating your software

We ( our spirits ) are born with a freshly installed software package right out of the box. Over the course of time this  software gets corrupted with false ideas, hurtful beliefs and obsolete notions just like  cookies, spam, and miscellaneous out of date versions. In later years your mind gets slower to process and adapt to changing times, and the hardware and the software become incompatible. Newer applications of life situations are unable to run on your archaic version of software of your mind.
Within your spirit you have been programmed with beliefs of others such as “you are not good enough”, ” you won’t mount to much”, “you are too small, too weak, too uneducated, too poor, not good looking enough”, or ” you cannot do this or you cannot do that”. We then forcibly exist in  our lives being confined within our vision of ourselves as seen  by others. Yet one day something glorious happens and we get awakened to realize that our lives are not to be confined but be celebrated. Our spirit is more than the sum of the negative comments that we have brought about, however quite the opposite. We are beings of light confined in physical form and we have the abilities to do anything that we choose to accomplish. We then  have to find a better operating system to help manage the new software that we must reinstall.
Reprogramming your mind with affirmations of being empowered, being rejuvenated, being all that you choose to be and can be, will usually jump start your spirit and energy to  new high heights, accommodating your true reality. It is all about upgrading your mental and spiritual software. Granted this may take some time as various negative ideas have been deeply hidden inside your “computer” or your Self, so you must be patient with yourself during the reinstallation and reformatting process. Additionally, many a time viruses have been downloaded and taken root hold of your software. I think it is time to use more powerful anti-virus software with more focussed meditative techniques with stronger feelings of acceptances of positive ideals. Put up your “firewalls” with understandings of gratitude, compassion and forgiveness and see your new software programs soar to faster speeds. Higher frequency energies are awaiting to be harnessed as more interesting life experiences are waiting for your new operating system to handle.
Having difficulty updating your software? Call upon your spiritual tech support.


Author: Brown Knight

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