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Troubleshooting your life

Trouble shooting your life

Tough decisions. Resolute ideas. Puzzling questions. Enlightening answers. We go through this seemingly endless list of door stops with the intervening “Aha” moments in our days and our lives. Sometimes these “stop and go” events are presented to us by ourselves or by other people and circumstances beyond our control. My thought on this has been consistently not of the mindset that the questions or even the answers are more important, yet  rather how we compose ourselves during these moments. It is the choices that we take in the heat of the moment that determine our course. Our frame of mind if calm and always in the present will affect the course change that we most desire. If not then the hurried and rushed choices will probably backfire or not take us to the correct destination.
Life’s complexities are challenges to be overcome and not obstacles to be avoided. It is when we have to face our fears and instill the peace within the storm that we have the greatest results. The cumulative experiences of our lives gives us character, yet it is the trouble shooting in our lives that earns us the wisdom and courage. Most of the time challenges are a good thing, as under pressure we are tested to see how we will shape up forthe brighter future that lays ahead. These challenges on some sub conscious level are inserted into our experiential panel by our Selves to see what happens. When you take a piece of carbon and put it under extreme pressure a diamond may come out. So too is the idea that under pressure something spectacular is waiting to come out of all of us.
Yes and no. Take the risk or play it safe. Accept or decline. Move forward or stay where you are. We spend so much of time analyzing each decision before we take it and then invariably are never  satisfied with the plan at hand. This is not troubleshooting. To borrow a term from a friend, this is “monkey minding” your life. Trouble shooting needs a modicum of faith splashed in with a spoon of courage and dosed with a pinch of focus to bring about the clarity of thought that will help make smoother decisions. You can always call upon help from physical sources of friends or family and of course from your Source to assist you in your endeavors. You can chisel  your life into  a beautiful masterpiece or neglect it and let it become a mountain of unhappiness. It depends on your choice and your trouble shooting skills.
Hard time troubleshooting? Consult your spiritual trouble shooting manual.


Author: Brown Knight

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