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Swimming in your bathtub

Swimming in  your bathtub

When we are young we are allowed to bathe in a little baby sized tub. We frolic and play with our bath toys and throughly enjoy the experience. After a while, we grow up and go into yet a bigger tub in the bathroom. Here we continue our evolutionary journey of growth and bathing till even this too becomes too small for us and we graduate to showers or even bigger tubs. I am sure that as a baby being put into a big adult tub when used to the small baby sized one can be a scary experience and an overwhelming one, of this I am quite sure. Yet are we not essentially constraining ourselves by the size of our own bathtub?
Living free is a goal we are all hoping to achieve. Swimming in a larger sea, or a bigger ocean is the height of freedom that we can experience when going on vacations. We dive right in with full vigor, darting between the ocean waves and plunging our heads into the water trying to  glimpse the water’s inhabitants as we hold our breath under water and take in an exhilarating inward breath as we launch out. This is an enjoyment certainly yet how silly would it be if an adult  tried doing the same in a baby bathtub. We grow out of our bath tubs yet sometimes we are too afraid to leave that bath tub. The borders of the tub end up defining our limits. We are trapped and not free, yet we are sometimes too afraid to change. We jump from one tub to another in our lives without even realizing it. We believe it to be the norm. We cannot fit into a smaller one so we simply get up and go into the bigger, more spacious tub. As children we are innocent and fearless to try new things and so engage in the transition without care or concern. Yet growing up for some reason with accumulated fears hinders our growth and limits the size of tub we are willing to try. On a beach vacation we briefly  experience the joy of freedom of no limits while getting into the water. We expand our physical bodies out into the far reaches of a seemingly unlimited sea and widen our bath tubs. Letting go of worries, troubles, concerns we allow these to be washed away like the soap in the tub by the forgiving waters of the seas.
Now if only we would embrace our lives with a  limitless mentality and live our lives always in a bigger bath tub of the universe. Our bath toys of creativity, encouragement, and abundance all accompany us on our journey in this life. Nothing wrong with holding onto your toys, they may come in handy one day as you frolic in your larger bath tub of life experiences at home, work or relationships.
How big is your bath tub?


Author: Brown Knight

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