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Ground hog day

GroundHog Day

Many of us remember the famous movie with Bill Murray when this once miserable reporter is stuck living in the same day ( the Groundhog day), doomed to repeat it over and over again until he finally learns the “error” of his ways, and finally comes out of it. Despite being a cleverly devised fictional tale, there is an interesting lesson to acknowledge.  We live in our lives with the daily grind of work, home, work, home, weekend chores, work, home and so on. The tune of this monotonous song continues day after day, year after year, lifetime after lifetime.  We love to complain about the misery of our lives and dwell in the cave of negativity, and frolic in the pool of self  pity, yet rarely do anything about it. The slight changes we do in fact make are necessary, yet not substantial enough to warrant celebration and so the net result is still the same. Littered with excuses we drudge on the streets of our lives. So similar to the Ground Hog Day movie we are unable to get out till we embrace our fate and rise above it.
In the movie, after being quite distressed about repeatedly reliving the same day, the hero decides to use the time to learn numerous skills that he would otherwise never have learnt, like playing the piano, learning to ice sculpt, learning to dance, learning to do art,  being a better person by helping others, and of course falling in love, that eventually breaks the “cursed” day. Was it really a curse or was it the cosmic universe providing him the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and change his life for the better. Are  we doomed to repeat the same mistakes of our lives till we choose to step out of our own shadow and make a change? I think not. This lifetime is an amazing opportunity for us to grasp the reigns of our lives and use every day to learn something new, and build on each experience. As we progress emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually we accelerate with great rapidity to shed the shadows of our former selves and get clothed with new wiser garments. 
Liberation in the form of love, and I mean selfless Self-love, is without loathing or disdain. That is the time we are truly free to spread our wings and soar. We break our own personal Groundhog Day and appreciate ourselves and others for who they are and in doing so respect the life that we have in order to grow and learn. Every experience in my opinion should be treated like when a child is presented with something new, namely with awe and wonder. Easy task? Definitely not. Impossible? Definitely not. Give up? Definitely not? So go out and instead of having the same day over and over again, I hope that you have the best day of your life filled with new experiences, ever evolving fun and interesting rewarding challenges every day repeatedly.
Just hope there is no sequel to the Ground hog Day movie in your life !!


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