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Weaving your life

Weaving your life

Look at your clothes. Now look at them closer. Notice each strand of fabric. Observe the texture and its color. Note how each strand is not just present but is part of something. It is woven into the garment. The property of being unique and yet part of something is a quality we all share with ourselves and each other. The cloth is woven with a pattern in mind and with a purpose. So too are we here together with a grand design of peaceful coexistence and the purpose of fulfilling our goal.
Each strand can be extricated from the fabric and yet harms the overall structure of the cloth. The garment is henceforth never complete. If we are extricated from our-selves or from society, the rest of the society does lose something valuable, no matter how small you may think your contribution to it is perceived. This means that you too have  a purpose. Each strand can be seen as a fabric of life. If each strand is us, and the length is time of our existence, then it behooves us to make it not only a tough strand but a long one at that.
We say that the garment is one color or another, let us say for example it is green. Is it green because that is its intrinsic property color, or is it that it absorbs all colors except green and that is how we perceive it. Or does it even mean that it reflects green from within. Someone is characterized as being good. Is it that they reflect goodness by absorbing the bad and not allowing it to be released or is that they their very nature is good that they deflect the bad that only goodness is seen. I use this particular quality, however this idea can be applied to describe any quality positive or negative. The strand takes on any color or quality that you dedicate your life towards.
Trusting the weaver is as important as the making of the garment. Whether you choose to believe that the  weaver is yourself or God is immaterial. Yet trust the process of creation and the weave starts to take shape. Cooperatively we make the garment. Cooperatively we form a delicate but intricately woven society of principles and values. The long term durability of the garment is dependent on the quality and dedication of each strand, namely you. So next time you pick out something to wear from your closet, take but a few moments to appreciate the clothes you wear, not just for its intrinsic properties but also for the weaver who made the garment. That way you bring in the appreciation of the garment that is the society and yourself as a valuable part. Moreover you bring in the gratitude for your life overall as a little strand in a big universe. You may be pleasantly surprised how your day goes just by this simple exercise in reflection and gratitude.
My my you look good in that outfit today !


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