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song for the new year

Song for the New Year

(Thank you for reading this blog,

Hope that your mind it helps to unclog)

We welcome with open arms a new year,
A time for personal change is finally here,
Again ego based resolutions we will make,
Not from the heart so they will only break,
Let’s fill our Selves with understanding and compassion,
A parade of forgiveness is the new fashion,
Letting go of the past for goodness sake,
Envisioning the joy we choose to bake,
Rejuvenated, empowered and enriched are words we sow,
Peace, harmony, and happiness we feel and know,
Love or hate is always a choice,
Let’s pick the former and rejoice,
Unselfish caring for others gives us our divine connection,
When Beings of Light we see in our reflection,
We climb onto our horses of strength as we ride,
Bringing in hope to the New year we gallantly stride,
This year let’s explore the realm of time and space,
Unwrinkling  our thoughts revealing a happier face,
All our troubles of the present we hereby release,
Happily our mind, spirit and consciousness are now at peace.


Author: Brown Knight

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