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song for the new year

Song for the New Year (Thank you for reading this blog, Hope that your mind it helps to unclog) We welcome with open arms a new year, A time for personal change is finally here, Again ego based resolutions we will make, Not from the heart so they will only break, Let’s fill our Selves […]
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Dear Santa

Dear Santa   The season of joyous celebrations are here again. Whether it is Hanukah, Christmas or Kwanza, it is a time of family, friends, communing with nature and feeling the magic of it all. Delicious foods are  prepared, gifts are wrapped, homes are adorned with warm cosy decorations and musical cheer is
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Social responsibility

Social  Responsibility This is a responsibility that we take for granted. A cardinal unwritten rule of social order, that everyone takes part for the betterment of the society as a whole. However it is far too often that individuals either feel entitled or groups feel that they are above the pecking order and so
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Organized chaos

  Organized chaos How often do we find that when we plan to do a certain number of things, they usually only work out to completion about 50% of the time, yet when we have a significant number of chores to do and we do not get pressured by the concept of time, we usually […]
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