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Organized chaos


Organized chaos
How often do we find that when we plan to do a certain number of things, they usually only work out to completion about 50% of the time, yet when we have a significant number of chores to do and we do not get pressured by the concept of time, we usually get all the chores done. Is this disorganized order, or organized chaos? I have found that this happens to me on a regular basis, such that on the days that  I restrict myself to the idea that I have numerous “things to do” but only a finite amount of time to do them, less than 50% of the items actually get done. Even when I wish to cram in some fun chores, I always run out of time. This is not true when I realize that I have numerous chores but then I forget about the finite time restriction and just do the things, and then when all 100% of the tasks, be they menial or not,  are completed,  I find that not only did I get everything completed but I also saved time and was ahead of schedule. Why does this happen?
When we get pressured by time, we are under pressure. We freeze under the compaction of the finite time interval and so we contract and become slower than expected. The opposite is true if we are freed from the pressure of time pursuation and become lighter. We think clearer and become more productive when we are not focussed on trying to complete everything within a time period but instead  within that time period we complete everything.  We enjoy doing what we are doing, and therefore stay so focussed in the moment that we then end up filling the moments of time with more efficiency. We limit ourselves when we think that we may not be able to complete a task. Better still go over in your head all the things that you wish to do, then say it out loud or write it down, and then forget the list and systematically just start doing those items. This calls forth your powers of intention to the forefront and you engage in being more productive and peaceful.
Have you ever wondered why some things you can be thinking about with so much concentration and then suddenly they manifest and then at other times  random thoughts pop into your head but nothing occurs with them? This is the same concept. As you concentrate in your minds eye of an important idea, such as you wanting to meet a long lost friend, and then they happen to call, or you really are desiring some particular item to eat and then “coincidently” it is on the newly offered option on a  menu at your favorite restaurant. Countless examples of this happen daily. What is happening is simply you are using your thoughts to manifest your reality. Similarly, when you are angry at someone,and deep down some streak of unkindness rears itself and wishes harm unto that person. Why does that person NOT get harmed? Your focus of manifestation did not originate from a place of strength, goodness or peace and so had  no constructive power, but moreover you cannot concentrate anger into reality since you cannot remain angry too long to allow the concentrated thought to manifest, unless of course you are the Dark Lord of the Sith from Star Wars.
Organized chaos is my term for describing the blending of this idea of living with freeing your time and concentrating your good thoughts and manifesting them into reality.  I try to note all the things that have to get done ( whether things to buy, things to do, things to achieve) and then focus my thoughts of what needs to get done, and then let it go. To my own amazement,  I will find myself not only having completed all that I wish to at some point, but with more favorable outcomes in a better timed fashion that I was originally anticipating. Coincidence or organized chaos?  Time is fluid, and so by keeping our consciousness in the same way the two can merge for better and more improved results.The more control you seek in your life, the more it will elude you. The more control of things you think you have, the less control you have in reality. However the more you think of things that you have no control over, that is  in fact precisely where you have the most control. Having faith that something will get done and then moving to that goal, sets in motion all sorts of energies and wave patterns from your mind into the physical realm, and a new reality is manifest. As mentioned earlier,  the more focussed on a thought from a negative space, the more it will not become reality.
Your creative engine can initiate and harness the powers of the universe and move anything into the physical realm so long as you are fulfilling your purpose. When this engine breaks down and the link and connection to the universal power is severed then states of physical disease, depression, doubts, fears, hate and anger set in. While connected, anything and everything  at anytime and any place is not in the realm of impossibility. Some would call it fate, and some would call it miracles, and others would dare to call it faith.  I call it “navigating your life and seizing  your destiny.” So the question ends up being that in the course of your day, are you going to organize and compartmentalize your chaos or are you going to set it free and go with the flow. Spicing and varying your routines are one such way to let your mind and body not get used to set routines of complacency such that any deviance from your “plan of action” leads to the fall of the house of cards.  Mix it up a little.
I would champion the idea that when you stop thinking in a limited dimensional box of time and space, and allow those walls to fall, you enable your soul, your quietly awaiting spirit to shine. When you do this your creative energy is released to create with dimensionless drive, your joy is compounded with your happiness, your courage becomes boundless, and you exponentially rise into a state of abundance in all that you think, say, do. Your Self shines brighter than the effulgence of the sun so handle your “chaos” with enthusiasm and vigor.
Have you organized your chaos or have you created chaos in your organization?


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