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Knowing nature

Knowing nature.

When we pause to look around us we see interesting marvels unfold. Look at the trees. They know exactly when to shed their leaves or bring them forth. They sense the sunlight durations, the temperature, the moisture and their innate life force that brings them back from hibernation. The birds know exactly when is the right time to start making nests, and on which branches of the trees to set up shop. Grass knows when to regrow. Salmon know exactly which stream of their birth to return to, to start mating. Spring is here and with it all of nature comes alive, as if an elaborate computer program was initiated and various subroutines are being carried out on a planetary scale. Nature relies on itself and its connection with the universe. It just knows. It seems to have a kind of faith and instinct of survival and an evolutionary trial and error mentality.  If we are part of nature do we have this same ability?
Yes we do is the simple answer. We too share this innate ability of knowing what to do next. We exist in our lives with the constant bombardment of stress, anxiety, doubt leading to fear and depression and moreover indecision. We lose our way and find comfort in habits that only further hinder our progress. Alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction and over eating are just some of these habits. There is no  wrong or right issue about these habits, given the fantastic nature of free will, however it is simply that these habits do not let us progress and evolve and grow. Disease states such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and eventual heart  and brain disease are simply out of sync states of our bodies when we are maligned with our mind, spirit and the true nature of our consciousness. When ripples in water are disrupted from their natural direction, so their flow of energy is impaired and they pocket and accumulate in one direction or the next. Similarly when your own flow of energy is disrupted disease accumulates in our bodies. Overindulgence in any habit, be it alcohol, drugs, smoking, eating, lying,  promiscuity upsets the delicate balance and flow of  your nature leading to the disarray of your personal evolution. 
Restoring the balance is key to leading a healthier, non judgmental and free existence. It is a necessary step in order to branch out from ” existing ” and then learning to “live”. Having the courage to face and accept these habits, realizing that you have them and that they do not have you, is a start. We must all realize that we are more than the sum of our parts, and that just like nature, you too can maintain the balance. Humbleness and gratitude are all part of that knowing. The tree is humble in the protection it provides to the birds that rest on its branches, and has gratitude that the elements sustain its own life. So too we can find the essence of peace through understanding natures’ time tested methods of survival.  Trusting in our genetics to do the right thing comes from trusting in ourselves, and the faith of simply knowing that everything will work itself out. This is not a fool hardy endeavor, as the only thing stopping you is the naysayer voice of fear that you allow yourself to hear in anything and everything you do. Blocking this voice, and listening to the voice of your Self allows the connections to grow, the opportunities to arise, and the desirable goals to manifest. 
Do you know your nature as well as you know your backyard?


Author: Brown Knight

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  1. This is why we trust our children to lead their own exploration of the world (aka education.) Missed you!

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