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Thanks and Giving

Thanks & Giving The time has come yet again of celebrating the time honored tradition of ThanksGiving. A typical fun fall time tradition of saying “Thanks” and stuffing yourself with gastronomic delights with friends and family. The holiday has really a double meaning. True that it literally means
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Quick quick quick

Quick Quick Quick. Rushing around we try to get from point A to B then to C in fast order. We eat quickly, we think quickly, we do things quickly and speak too quickly. All we are really doing is hurtling quickly to our eventual demise without living. We think we are living, ┬ábut in […]
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Knowing nature

Knowing nature. When we pause to look around us we see interesting marvels unfold. Look at the trees. They know exactly when to shed their leaves or bring them forth. They sense the sunlight durations, the temperature, the moisture and their innate life force that brings them back from hibernation. The birds know
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Taking your prescription

Taking your prescription We have pills these days for everything and anything. We have a pill to make you happy, or cut back the excessive happiness. We have pills to control your cholesterol and your blood sugar, only to help you eat more fast food and sweets. We have pills to make you fertile or […]
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