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Taking your prescription

Taking your prescription

We have pills these days for everything and anything. We have a pill to make you happy, or cut back the excessive happiness. We have pills to control your cholesterol and your blood sugar, only to help you eat more fast food and sweets. We have pills to make you fertile or make you infertile depending on your preferences. We have pills to increase your blood pressure or decrease it too. We can get a prescription, in other words, a health care provider gives you a pre-scribed medication for your particular problem. However compliance is always an issue. I find that if you ask someone “are you taking your medications?” the answer is usually yes. If you ask ” how many times have you missed the medication this month?” The answer is usually surprisingly revealing of an average 60% non compliance.
When you wish to feel better from whatever illness you must take the medication prescribed, if warranted of course. You cannot expect  results to occur if you just sit there and look at the pill in the bottle and hope for results. A quick leap of faith and a gulp of water helps the medicine go down, and healing processes begin. But you have to take the pill. Now supposing the ailment that requires attention is more non physical. Such as the feeling of lack of creativity, the lack of joy, the  feeling of hopelessness. Well there are lots of metaphorical pills for such ailments that are  prescribed by the universe. You have to take the leap again and take the prescribed pill. Meditation helps like as if going to the doctors office. Narrate to the universe what is your problem situation and just as you expect that the doctor gives you a solution after you tell him or her what  are your symptoms, expect that the universe will do the same. You have the diagnosis, the treatment is forthcoming always with a good  prognosis.
Let’s see what is in your pill box.
For lack of joy, there is the pill of being in the moment. Being still and conscious of the moment allows the joy of just being to creep in. No judgement of the moment enables you to ENJOY the moment, in other words ENter JOY.
For lack of creativity there is the pill of letting go. By freeing yourself you allow the creativity to return back to you like a boomerang. Holding on too tight suffocates the creative spirit within. Letting go sets it free to return with more positive force
For hopelessness there is the pill of faith. Having faith  in the moment of hopelessness, leap frogs you out of despair and directly into being hopeful.
For fear there is the pill of love. If you redirect your fear with feelings of love, the healing is rapid and instantaneous.
For jealousy and envy, there is the pill of respect. The more you respect yourself, there comes a point where you value yourself more than seeing your disillusioned “lack” that leads to envy and jealousy of another. Hence you then respect others for whom you only held envy and jealousy.
For pity there is the pill of compassion. Instead of pitying another person for their perceived deprived situation you fill yourself with compassion such that you are compelled to help them to rise them to an elevated level. Once elevated they are no longer lower to a imagined standard and so no reason to pity them.
For anger there is the pill of mindfulness. By being constantly mind-full you have no room for the emotion of anger as you are “full” of being aware of not only your surroundings but also all your emotions and so can have the pause momentarily to breathe and catch yourself from your passion of anger.
For hate there is the pill of forgiveness. When the extreme and destructive emotion of hate rears its ugly head, you can only send out beams of forgiveness at whatever you are hating. By forgiving what ever you believe has hurt you, the feeling of hate gets starved of its fuel and melts away like fog being hit by the morning sun.
For uncertainty and doubts there is the pill of gratitude. By being thankful even before something has happened in your life, you bring forth the expectation of a good and favorable outcome. If you know the future you are prepared for it. So bless your future with gratitude and see it come true of your own devising.
The effect of these universal pills are cumulative. The more you practice and consume these pills, the more healing and progress you make, then one day you may be so much in a state of mindfulness you do not “catch the proverbial cold” Compliance is very important. We all fall off the band wagon from time to time but getting back on your regimental pill taking habits with regular meditation and mindful behaviors you can achieve your goal of staying spiritually healthy. A healthy spirit translates into a healthy mind and body and consciousness.
Have you taken your pills today? 


Author: Brown Knight

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  1. My Friend,
    Your blogs are full of wisdom, which has developed from a life based on simplicity and common sense–a wonderful formula for all of us! Thank you.

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