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Feeder bands or peripheral winds

Feeder bands or peripheral winds ?

Nowhere on earth can you go without experiencing storms in some fashion or the other. Thunderstorms, NorEasters, Hurricanes, Tropical storms or depressions, are all names of types of storms but essentially they are created the same, and they create the same effect in the end, destruction in its wake. If you are fortunate enough to have missed the storm but still close enough, you might be feeling the effects of the storm with strong gusty winds. What you do not know is whether these winds are feeding the storms ( feeder bands) or are these winds simply the after shocks of the storm as peripheral winds.
So too is the nature of anger. When someone falls into this state, this generates so much of negativity that you cannot help but get dragged into it. This is like the periphery winds, where you feel the energy of these negative winds emanating from the storm of anger, and this energy can sway you toward the storm. This eventually can also lead to feeder bands or winds. These winds as the name suggests feed the storm with moisture and power, enabling the storm to grow. So too if we let ourselves dragged into the storm with our own negativity and react, we just enable someone else’s anger ( verbal or vocal) to grow. We can talk or think negatively very easily about another who we once respected or spoke fondly about, in the presence of another who is spurring a negative portrayal  of  this person. They are generating anger, hatred and a lack of positivity, but it does not mean that we have to feed the storm or for that matter be effected by the peripheral windy backlash.
Holding your ground in a storm is not easy, but with the correct foundation and the correct frame of mind, it is not only possible but necessary so as to not lose footing when dealing with tumultuous emotions. Non reaction is part of the process, but so is a positive reaction if needed. How can this be?  How can you be equanimous yet be reactive? This is the art of meditation and enlightenment. When faced with a negative situation, reacting positively will enable the balance to be restored and equanimity to reign. So using the hypothetical example above of talking ill about another. The person who is negatively venting  for whatever personal reasons with their own deep seated roots of frustrated experiences, will continue to keep spewing their verbiage in the  hope to gather momentum  of their stormy conversation. You can choose to be a feeder band, or choose to hold your ground in the peripheral wind, and so shed a more positive light to the conversation with a differing opinion. The moment you choose to be different, you will think differently, you will speak differently and you will change the course of the storm. You can do it with calmness in your voice and be equipoised. This will lead to the state of equanimity, which usually generates a better outcome. Sometimes silence is a good thing, but in others if you are silent you are allowing agreement to occur thereby fueling  the fire of the storm.
The forecasting of weather is as unpredictable as human emotion. But how prepared are you for a storm is entirely up to you, and your trained mind. Being  on the edge of a storm experiencing its effects is a constant battle that we deal with, not only for ourselves but when dealing with each other. Reacting or  not reacting to the nature of the weather of the abrupt emotion is a more tedious task. If you are more alert and aware of your own emotions and how to keep them in check, you can prevent becoming a feeder band to the storm. Being in control of your emotions, you are less likely to succumb to the peripheral wind of the storm.
Which way is the wind blowing in your neck of the woods?


Author: Brown Knight


  1. You're also less likely to succumb to the peripheral winds of the storm when you avoid people who are prone to outbursts of negativity. Fighting to survive a storm can be fatiguing and demoralizing, leaving you with little motivation to pursue the things that make you happy. People who live near a storm generator may find themselves caught in a perpetual weather cycle, simply surviving from one day to the next with low energy.

    If, however, you gravitate toward those who build positive currents, you will surround yourself with encouragement, inspiration and opportunities which bring joy, purpose and satisfaction to life.

  2. I sometimes feel like I'm in a relationship with a hurricane. Things are calm and serene in the eye of the storm, but getting there is tough, and if I slip out, the wind and waves can become so rough that I often attempt to steer clear of the storm altogether for periods of time. There are times I stand strong and there are times I contribute to feeder bands, but what, if anything, can I do to prevent the storm from gathering in the first place?

  3. Your situation is certainly not unique but how we deal with each storm is unique. You certainly do not want to become a storm chaser. As for the the eye of the storm, interesting you bring that up I had written a post a while back on "Calming a tornado"
    I thought about your problem, and I may have a suggestion. Deflecting a storm is hard, avoiding a storm is even harder since even weather forecasters can predict a storm only 50% of the time. However what if you try to reflect into the storm. Let me explain. If you remain calm, and peaceful within, and do not allow the storm wisk you away, and continue to project out how you wish that person to behave, at some point the fury of the storm does die out and leaves more peaceful rains in its wake. Sometimes the storm has no idea that it is doing anything out of the ordinary. We usually react impulsively without realizing that the fuel for the reaction is from something far off in our pasts that we do not even realize. But till we confront that fear or past deed, it will keep acting as a feeder band towards the storm and take everybody around them out too. Your behavior will act as a beacon in the storm to quieten itself and dissipate. However you have to find your own calm and let go of your fears for that to happen.

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