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The Criticizing Critic

  We are all born with the innate ability to judge. What ever we see, touch,smell, hear, or taste is judged. Our very contact with the material world causes us to do this. We cannot escape it, that’s how we process our world and complex actions later via brain, mind, and intellect out comes a […]
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Calming a Tornado

  We are all full of a variety of emotions. A jumble of thoughts caught by the right circumstances trigger these emotions and at the right speed they  may set off angry emotions, or joyous and happy emotions. Nature is complete and follows its laws perfectly and since we follow natural law we mimic the […]
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Freeing the Bird

  What is fear? An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and can be a pain or a threat. This is the definition, plain and simple, but the consequences are far from it. Why do we feel fear? And moreover how do we know that something or someone is […]
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A Purposeful Beginning

All who are born must die. It took me a while to understand this simple phrase. Countless encounters with patients, and over the years friends, their families, and finally my own. But more relevant what happens between birth and death? What is it that we do with this life? What is the meaning of why […]
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A Sense of Belonging

When you see pictures of or visit  beautiful ocean views you feel the awesome majesty of the oceans, which brings you peace and calmness with each tide.When you dive into the ocean, deeper and deeper and explore the depths you are struck by the immense diversity of the corals, algae, rocks, fish, crustaceans and
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Lost and Found

 I woke up to find my smart phone had abruptly died. I tried rebooting it, taking out the battery, powering up and down but alas to no avail. I hurried to the Verizon store hoping beyond miracles that someone would have a solution. They did, but not the one I was praying for. The pleasant […]
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