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Calming a Tornado


We are all full of a variety of emotions. A jumble of thoughts caught by the right circumstances trigger these emotions and at the right speed they  may set off angry emotions, or joyous and happy emotions. Nature is complete and follows its laws perfectly and since we follow natural law we mimic the same, and if we look hard enough we find nature full of examples. I would like to focus on one such feature that I have observed that may help explain our behavior.


How does a tornado form?
Warm moist air that is light rises and meets cold drier air, and with the right wind speed at different altitudes sets off the  spinning top. As this fearsome top continues to draw more power so does its fury and it goes out of control. This of course is the very simplified version, since we really do not have the complete understanding of tornados, and like emotions we barely understand them either ! So let’s apply this to ourselves.
Warm or hot thoughts rise due to unforeseen circumstances, they collide with fears, insecurities ( akin to cold drier air) and when they collide with varying speeds of confusion, misunderstandings, resentments they spin out of control and an emotional tornado forms. This tornado can reek havoc on relationships, and the delicate fabric of societal norms  leading to destruction and devastation to long term friendships and moreover our inner selves. In the wake of a tornado rampage, nothing is ever the same, leaving a ripped path, like it does to our relationships. A scar that can never  totally be healed as we are always reminded of the destructive force of the tornado and the wound opens up a little, as we remember the angry words or actions by a co worker, spouse, friend, or family member.
We all have the capacity to generate tornados and unleash it around us in any and all directions. But how do you calm this tornado? Just like the “lull” or calm before the storm, if we pause before we speak, pause before we think those negative thoughts, pause before we act upon instinctive negative and destructive emotions we can prolong that lull and prevent that storm if we don’t let it gain enough fuel to power the tornado within.
Interestingly, the eye of the tornado is always calm. That is our spirit. We have the ability to remain pure, calm, focused and at peace.  We are always striving for balance , and if we allow ourselves to tip to the edge of the eye then we hit the eyewall of the tornado. This is the second most powerful source of the severe thunderstorms in the tornado. One must strive to achieve this balance that from outside prevent the columns of hot and cold air from meeting through pause, and reflection, but remain  equanimous and insightful to allow the eye to expand and prevent the tornado from even forming within us. This has been the quest I believe for all of us, and those learned souls who have understood this reach an enlightened state of being storm free. 
We all have a choice, what we do with it is the answer. Will we allow our tornados to roam free destroying ourselves and everything around us? Or will find ways to calm the tornado? Can you feel being in the eye!! 


Author: Brown Knight

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