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Giving and Receiving

How often do we spend our days frustrated, angry, irritable at someone or something or at a situation that has  occurred ? Perhaps far too many times in the day. Why do we let others take our good disposition and allow us to have a bad day? why do we let others steal our joy?
I would submit that no one can steal your joy or do anything to you without you allowing it to happen. We have to take responsibility for what we give away. Are we giving away our joy too easily? Are we giving away our happiness, our pleasantness, our lighter side?  Perhaps it is to those who are closest to us that we feel hurt us the most, friends or family members since we care more deeply and create personified relationships with these individuals that we let our guard down and give away our emotions to them. And when they do not meet our expectations then we feel betrayed. If we however continue to build these wholesome relationships with each other, and share our joy, our happiness and peace with them and do not expect anything in return then we are not subject to this endless action and reaction.
Mahatma Gandhi once mentioned that “it is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” I think he is meaning that if you give yourself to others through true genuine kindness that you truly are giving. It is only through giving that we receive. So if we give to others unconditionally with love, kindness, trust, and gratitude that we receive this back infinite fold. If we are giving without expectation then we are giving with out fear of reprisal or failure, and so are free of the action and reaction. But in the very act of giving we are taking responsibility and so I think that no one can take anything from you, it is you on the other hand who are allowing a connection to be soured by not being careful in what is given.
We all love to open gifts during holidays or receive gifts from others. The pleasure of unwrapping a gift, and the delight in the surprise. But have you ever looked up at the person who gave you the gift and see the twinkle in their eyes as they watch you opening what they have given ? They have unsurpassed happiness in the act of giving, just as much as you have receiving the gift. Similarly do you not have joy in spending the time carefully picking out a gift for your friends or loved ones with no idea what someone else will or will not get for you? It is probably because deep inside it is the pure joy of selfless giving that you are actually experiencing.
Now expand this idea to every aspect of your life, every interaction you have with others. Giving to all, your goodness, your kindness, your love, and your gratitude without reservation and in an instant you will see the other person receiving these traits through your interaction or communication. It is quite a good disarming tool to use. So the next time you meet a negative individual who is ranting or behaving angrily, send them a silent blessing of good will. Do not let them negate your positivity. Just smile peacefully while they are getting angry as their anger is theirs,let them keep it, because in the end all anger has no where to go but be gone, and it will be gone. Show the other person kindness as they cannot steal your disposition, and by not partaking in their negative conversation you are not harming yourself.
Every day every moment should be like the holiday season,  full of giving happily. Is that not why we are happy during these times? One might say oh the holidays are stressful. We can make it stressful by putting conditions on that what we give but by giving of ourselves we avoid the stress. You will be surprised by what you receive by the very act of giving.
What are you planning on giving and receiving today?


Author: Brown Knight

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