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Saying Thank you

The upcoming season of Thanksgiving is round the corner. A wonderful time to sit with family and at the dinner table enjoy turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, yams, wines, perhaps carrots and salads too. Polished off with warm pumpkin or apple pie and cream ( or even better ice cream!) makes for a rewarding 4 day […]
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Being a Leaf

  This season the leaves are everywhere. Mostly on the ground, but the beautiful fall foliage is very  much part  of the New England scene. A time for warm apple cider, pumpkin bisque soup, and butternut squash ravioli ahh ! the delight of the fall harvest season. However much as we appreciate the season and […]
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Brushing your Teeth

  There are several morning ablutions that we all perform. It is a necessity. But when do we find the time to carve out moments for ourselves when we can be in silent contemplation. Such moments are rewarding and get us back into sync with our true selves even if it is for a few […]
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Giving and Receiving

How often do we spend our days frustrated, angry, irritable at someone or something or at a situation that has  occurred ? Perhaps far too many times in the day. Why do we let others take our good disposition and allow us to have a bad day? why do we let others steal our joy? […]
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