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Your Inner Voice

Have you ever had that tune stuck in your head from a song that you could not place or a catchy tune that you just cannot forget and cannot stop humming whenever your mind wanders? It happens to me all the time. Invariably it is the same depending on my mood, with the Lion King Theme song, “Hakuna Matata”, or the Jingle Bell Song. I find my mind wandering aimlessly as I walk around or doing chores such as laundry, ironing, or picking weeds, I catch myself humming variations of these 2 tunes. It is normal. We all have these tunes. We are not crazy.
Have you ever wondered what is behind these tunes? The subconscious rearing its presence in the background, it is your inner voice. Your conscience talking back to you, gently guiding you and allowing you to connect to your true self, your spirit. We often ignore it or suppress it. If it tells us left but we decide right, and end up in the wrong place, it was our inner voice talking but we did not listen. If it tells us to do something but we did the opposite and a different outcome occurs that was unexpected, it was our lack of listening.
The inner voice can be dubbed as instinctual, or your spirit guide. Some will go as far as saying it is God or angels talking to you. I would like to believe in all the above. Connected in some way to a higher plane of existence a more insightful part of ourselves knows how to reach out and help us when we need the assistance, whether it is for mundane matters, or critical decisions in life for example career choices, relationship dealings, financial planning, or lifestyle changes, creative thinking or risk taking. It is always there with us, observing and guiding.
Why do some people always look like they have all the answers? Why do these people get everything they want? Why does everything seem to always work out for them? I believe that it is because these people in part are people who listen to their inner voice. They hear it, they listen to it, allows it to guide them towards success. Can you say that this is faith? Perhaps but it is much more than that alone. Faith has to happen only once you listen to your inner voice, your inner hum that will connect to your true spirit. Your true nature ( not the one that has labeled you who you are by your ego) will surface through your subconscious and work with you to achieve a better outcome. Your inner voice will never harm you. It is part of you, your gift of guidance from a higher abode or existence from whence you came to sustain you in this materially manifested temporary world. It is your connection with the universe, and all the life within it. It is your connection to divinity.
The more you are with calm mind, peaceful and focus in the present moment, the more joy and happiness you will feel. The more “right” things will feel, leading to more sound decisions, guiding you to your true destiny and not the one your ego wishes you to chase after. It is with this inner voice you will find yourself and create a brilliant future.
 Can you hear yourself singing yet?

Author: Brown Knight

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