Archive: September 5, 2012

Your Inner Voice

Have you ever had that tune stuck in your head from a song that you could not place or a catchy tune that you just cannot forget and cannot stop humming whenever your mind wanders? It happens to me all the time. Invariably it is the same depending on my mood, with the Lion King […]
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Traffic Jams

Everywhere I go I seem to land up in traffic jams. Which every country, or state I visit, I meet them. Whether I leave early or I leave late, whether it is during school time or not, I end up in a jam of some sorts either due to a broken down car, an accident […]
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One in a Billion

I recently went on a trip to India on a holiday. There was much to see upon my immediate arrival, even leaving the airport terminal. There was the bustling of people everywhere. Men, women, old and young. Everybody was darting around, seemingly aimlessly, but in fact all with a purpose. Everybody had somewhere to
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