This past week marked 4 years since we entered the tumultuous time of the pandemic, that embarked each of us onto a journey of personal transformation. It sparked a global revolution and evolution for many.


Many gave up their lives to help others, especially in the fields of medicine and first responders working hard to help those in need, while others lost their battles to the viral load’s devastating consequences. Yet the pandemic was a sentinel point in our timeline for inner reflection. Those who chose not to use this opportunity for the exploration of inner wisdom, and research to find truth were doomed to repeat life’s lessons in different forms in the future born from fear.


As many look back in our recent history we are afforded a glimpse into how the silence of the world actually gave space for growth. The reduction of noise pollution enabled us to breathe cleaner air, and see with further clarity the less infested seas and skies. We could hear the animals and birds speak perhaps for the first time, as the planes were not present to drown put their songs.


Busy schedules came to a halt as families could eat at the dinner table and not in the backseat of their cars while being driven to numerous activities each night. There was more time in the day to connect to our selves and to those we loved as the jobs moved locale to within the home space. It was a chance for each of us to ask of ourselves many questions as the din of a chaotic schedule abruptly was put to an end: What next? What do I want to do in my life that can make a real difference? Why are these events happening ? Who am I? What do I truly love in my life?


Ever so often the universe gives each of us a slap upside the head, to get our life together and see reality as it is. At times, it has to push the world to collectively shift. The gentle nudge approach may be too subtle for the stubborn human and the world must stand still to step out of its highway of madness, and stop to fiercely inquire upon these postulations.


The world returned to its own rhythm as did humanity at its own pace. For some, as if nothing had happened and for others with a major shift in perspective and awakenings. Truth is always present, all around us. It is the unlocking of it that requires dedication and discipline. Faith is the ingredient to the ultimate truth, Love. Not just faith with within our creator, the universe or even faith for each other, but the faith within ourselves.



I love you


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Author: Brown Knight

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